Highlights for Training

Presenting Repetitive Information

Much of training can often be presenting repetitive information over and over again. Why not spice up your presentation and add rich-media segments into it? Interviews from customers, live examples, pre-recorded demos. Stream Express can make your training come alive.

Training Events Over the Internet

With travel costs slashed due to a slow economy, companies are finding creative ways to train people over the internet. Stream Express enables your trainers to develop their talks on their own time, enables your coordinators to register customers and attendees, and allows for both simulated live as well as on-demand streaming.

Broad Spectrum of Training Services

To offer your client a broad spectrum of training services, you must go beyond on-site training. Training over the internet, on-demand training, and even simulated live rich-media presentations are all tools that will enhance your customer's training experience. Impress your clients with a range of training services.

International Training

Ever taught an international audience and received blank stares? Bridge the language barrier by allowing your overseas counterparts to modify the audio, text and slides of your Stream Express presentation. Editing is quick and easy.