Product Features

While Stream Express is designed to be easy to use, it also has a very robust feature set for rich-media presentations. Examples are slide annotation, video import, event registration, and a contact and information database. Stream Express provides everything you need for webcasting, and all from your desktop.

A Variety of Streaming Modes

  • audio only
  • audio and video
  • audio and slides
  • audio, video, and slides
  • software demo

Audio Recording Made Easy 

  • ability to use any microphone
  • sound meter to check audio level
  • audio playback feature
  • can re-record selected segments

Using Your PowerPoint Slides

  • quick and simple to import
  • can add audio to each slide
  • can record while presenting live
  • one mouse click to archive/execute

Annotating Your Slide Presentation

  • preset shapes (circle, square, etc.)
  • wide range of colors
  • flexible sizing
  • ability to move around in time

Fast and Simple Editing Features

  • re-record any audio segment
  • add, delete, or modify slides or annotations
  • can sync annotation and slides with audio
  • can edit offline and upload changes later

Going the Extra Mile with Video

  • can import or capture video
  • wide selection of video formats
  • easy to sync to slides in editor
  • can set up multiple streaming rates

Events Made Easy with Event Registration

  • ability to require registration
  • extensive registration database
  • link feedback forms to customer database
  • password protected log-in

Store/Find Presentations with Server File Management

  • set presentation security
  • create user names and passwords
  • easily create embedded media pages
  • schedule events