Highlights for Marketing

Customer Web Conferences

Don't make the mistake of doing blatant product pushes to find new customers. Lure them in with a rich-media web conference that addresses their most pressing needs. You can use Stream Express' simulated live event features such as event registration or emailing the speaker.

Sales Training

Need to train your sales force? With StreamExpress you can record the slide transitions, audio, and video as your giving the training live. You can then use this rich-media presentation to do another scheduled simulated live event or to simply archive it for on-demand viewing.


Boring text-based PR releases are no longer enough. Interview your CEO and post an audio file on your website that customer can hear. Get your customers on video talking about your product. Come out of the stone ages with Stream Express.

Spice Up Your Website

Don't let your competition make your site look out of date. Dazzle your customers with rich-media communications that captures your company's vision, your products, and your marketing activities.