Highlights for Internal Communications

CEO Announcements

Whether it be a major restructuring, a change in strategic direction, or the standard quarterly address, capture your CEO's announcement and make it available to all those who could not make it live with Stream Express.

HR Information and Announcements

While HR has typically done a great job at making information available via the intranet, getting people to read it is another story. Why not take some of the more important information or announcements and record them in a rich-media presentation? Watch your audience retention go way up.

Inter and Intra Departmental Information

Whether it be between Sales and Marketing or R&D and Manufacturing, communications is critical. Some can be live but due to limitations on how many meetings one can attend, some is better archived. Pre-record or record live that important information with slides, audio, and maybe video and archive it so all can stay in step with each other.

Presenting On Your Own Schedule

You're tasked with presenting your plan to the whole company but you're very short on time. Presenting in a huge room is seldom effective and yet going to every department is time consuming. Why not record your presentation on your own time and schedule it for a set time? You can answer questions afterward and archive it for others to watch later.