Highlights for Customer Support

Shorter Calls with Rich-Media Visual Aids

The problems customers face in understanding how to setup, configure, use, and apply your products are often the same. Instead of using valuable support time to explain how to solve these problems, why not encourage your support people to record common solutions using Stream Express? Your company will save time and money and your customers will love it.

Rich-Media Knowledge Base

To support low cost products, many companies have moved from phone support to knowledge bases. While this approach has made it fast and cheap, it has often shifted the burden of understanding lengthy instructions to the customer. Stream Express enables your company to use graphics, audio, and even video to more clearly solve your customers' problems.

Support Training

Many companies are including or selling training with their products. Since this training is repetitive in nature, large segments of it can be pre-recorded or enhanced with rich-media streaming. Don't talk your customers to death, dazzle them with audio, slides, and video.

Broad Range of Support Tools

Streaming media and the internet have opened up many possibilities as to how to train and support your customers. Give your support department Stream Express and let them loose. You'll find them making audio files, slide presentations, video and combinations of all three to give your customers support information in a broad range of media.